Child of Night sketch, 2011
Charcoal and chalk on paper, 20.3 x 10 cm

Children of Night sketches, 2011
Charcoal, chalk and ink on paper, 19 x 20.7 cm


Child of Night sketch, 2011

Charcoal and chalk on paper, 20.3 x 10 cm

Children of Night sketches, 2011

Charcoal, chalk and ink on paper, 19 x 20.7 cm


The Hotelier - An Introduction to the Album

"Open the curtains. Singing birds tell me "tear the buildings down." You felt blessed to receive their pleasant sound. The sound of things that break make you cringe inside yourself. Inside yourself there’s a child counting stars in their time-out. In their time out of their day. In the corners of their frame they are encased in the losing of a grain of themselves pushed against the ebb and flow. Wave good-bye and watch it go.

Well show me the honest/proper way to disarm predatory gaze that’s sucking dry and never satiated. You’ve been misused been rewired. You’re short-circuiting now. Just remember when you’d call me to come, take a deep breath, and then jump. So fragile are bodies, so concave, work in self-destructive ways.

You shot from the hip and missed. Detaching from all of this. In physical pictures you remain, spiral ‘round yourself in figure-eight. I recoil at every new beginning.

I searched for a way out. Don’t we all? An existentialist recall: turn in all dichotomies and truths that I gave. I felt wrong in many ways. It didn’t heal. It just got harder everyday to be still, to be passing through the throes in a daze, feeling heavy, feeling cold in my skin, in my hand-me-downs. I’m wearing everything thin. And the pills that you gave didn’t do anything. I just slept for years on end.

So if I call, should I beg? Because I’m desperate here; a couple steps from the edge. I can’t seem to burn bright enough. I’m cold and I’m left alone. We’re all alone. Grab a hold. I know I said to not. What the fuck do I know? I had a chance to construct something beautiful and I choked.”

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Garth Knigh Creates Stunning Erotic Art Out Of Rope, Rocks And Human

The erotic art of Sydney Australia based Garth Knight entails a series of six suspended ‘trees’ ( in order: first, blue,heart, man, lost, and red) all which are made out of rocks and ropes. Each individual “tree” is created over one or two naked bodies, often posing in very sensual positions. If the ‘trees’ are observed in order, they create a linear narrative- one that tells, through stunning and innovative imagery, the story of human existence. The artists accompanies his images with text; the words further narrate the story he is trying to tell.

Knights multi-disciplinary practice covers various areas including installation, sculpture, and photo media. As you can acknowledge from the photos shown here, his works often (almost always) include the use of rope bondage, amongst other erotic elements that mesh with ideas of strength, pleasure, and sexuality.

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Young and beautiful Woody H. in Indecent Proposal (1993)


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Adaptive Survival Clothing

Textile project by Jacqueline Nanne makes woollen fabric adaptable to different temperatures (thanks to sensitive memory wire) - video embedded below:

Using the great temperature and moisture regulation properties of wool and our own body as inspiration, fabrics were desiged that adapt to the temperature of the human body and the environment. The focus lies on the context of survival, as clothing plays a big role in staying alive in the wilderness. When on survival, one often adds or removes layers of clothing to keep a comfortable temperature. This design is intended to decrease the number of times one has to stop to change clothing, and keep comfortable when for instance taking a break or when ascending a mountain.

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Someone asked me to post the pictures of my heart joint as one, and so here it is :)
The middle cone is rolled tighter and twaxed inside and out, which means I put shatter inside and outside the paper. This slowed it’s burn. The outer joints are rolled more loosely and only twaxed on the outside near the bottom.
This was my first attempt at a heart joint and I was overwhelmingly surprised with how well it burned ^_^

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Koloman Moser (1868–1918)
Reproduktionsvorlage für das Blatt „Liebe“ für Gerlachs Allegorien. Neue Folge, Taf. 35

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